March 20, 2017


#12: Girl on the Podcast | Neslihan Ozdemir

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Jeff Gibbard
#12: Girl on the Podcast | Neslihan Ozdemir
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#12: Girl on the Podcast | Neslihan Ozdemir

Mar 20 2017 | 00:36:02


Show Notes

Hello Shareable fam, we’ve got a great new episode with the girl herself Neslihan Ozdemir. Neslihan Ozdemir is the content creator and host of the show Girl On The Bike, a travel and lifestyle video series and Girl On The Mattress, a mattress and sleep products review site. Oh, and a real estate agent in New York. No biggie. But before the bike and the mattress, she was an engineer living in a great apartment, but something was missing. So she did some soul searching and made a change. She moved to New York, and left engineering behind for a new career in marketing with a focus on SEO and social media. Full disclosure: we met Nesli through one of our clients: Nuvanna. They’re an online mattress retailer, she’s an online mattress reviewer. It was kismet, you could say. Or not. We loved having her on the show. We got a chance to talk about growing up in Turkey, and how books brought her out of her country and exposed her to the world. And like many of our guests, we learn how technology changed Nesli’s life.

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