April 05, 2017


#19: Executives During Work Hours | Dr. James Kelley

Hosted by

Jeff Gibbard
#19: Executives During Work Hours | Dr. James Kelley
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#19: Executives During Work Hours | Dr. James Kelley

Apr 05 2017 | 00:45:50


Show Notes

Shareable family, we are thrilled to be bringing to your ears Dr. James Kelley on our third episode of the week! Dr. James Kelley is the founder and CEO of the recently relocated BraveEndurance (now based in the UAE). He is also the host of the “Executives After Hours: Real Conversations with Leaders” podcast. James has developed strong partnerships around the world and brings them to the table in his work with clients and on the air. Friends, we loved this episode. James got so honest with us. To demonstrate just how honest, we recommend reading the suggested talking points below. Suggested talking points: Rain-making, Content Creators, Mega Preachers, Online Dating, Catholicism, Surrogate Families, College Kids, Ex-Girlfriends, AI, and The classic Ph.D or Peace Corps debate. PS. Sorry about the random phone call at 9:12. Jeff didn’t turn off his ringtone before he entered the Ol’ Podcasting Theatre.

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