April 20, 2017


#28: A Delorean Ride into Shareable History | Jon Steiert

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Jeff Gibbard
#28: A Delorean Ride into Shareable History | Jon Steiert
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#28: A Delorean Ride into Shareable History | Jon Steiert

Apr 20 2017 | 00:43:22


Show Notes

Hey, it’s Thursday! Our almost-Friday gift to you is here. It’s Jon Steiert. And boy are we excited to have this guy on the show! Do you know who Jon Steiert is, and why we were so stoked to have him on? He was True Voice Media’s first employee! And since then, he’s spread his wings to leave the True Voice nest, and become kind of a big deal at Pet360. Full disclosure: Pet360 is one our clients, and a lot of that is thanks to Jon helping us find our way to each other. At Pet360, Jon is the senior manager of E-commerce content. Fancy, right? He’s a lover of his wife, comedy, hockey, and, of course, animals. If we could turn time capsules into audio entertainment this would be it. This episode is a special one because Jeff and Jon get to go back in time to the birth of our agency and talk about everything that’s happened since. If you love learning about humble beginnings this is a great episode to listen to because you won’t only hear about how True Voice Media got started, but also how Jon got his start in social. In Jon’s own word’s, “I have a career thanks to Jeff Gibbard.” So go on, put those earbuds in, and enjoy this Delorean ride into some very shareable history.

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