May 08, 2017


#34: How to Find Your Genius | Amy R. Brooks

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Jeff Gibbard
#34: How to Find Your Genius | Amy R. Brooks
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#34: How to Find Your Genius | Amy R. Brooks

May 08 2017 | 00:51:55


Show Notes

Hello Shareable Community! We’re here at our 20th episode, and we brought Amy R. Brooks on to celebrate this milestone. Introduced to us by good friend of the show – Doug Sandler – Amy is a writing coach for established entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their brand by writing a book that shares their message. She hosts the VoicePenPurpose podcast for first time authors, offers consulting and publishing services, and will be hosting writing retreats in Costa Rica beginning this summer. Amy is the author of three books and has co-authored, ghostwritten, and published many more. We couldn’t have wished for a better 20th episode! Just in the first five minutes, Amy and Jeff exchange writing tips that have already impacted how I, the producer, think about my writing process. They talk about writing rituals, tips, tricks, processes, productivity, and strategies. So if you’ve been stuck trying to write the great American novel or anything else for that matter, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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