May 22, 2017


#38: Shut Up, Listen, and JFDI | Bart Mroz

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Jeff Gibbard
#38: Shut Up, Listen, and JFDI | Bart Mroz
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#38: Shut Up, Listen, and JFDI | Bart Mroz

May 22 2017 | 00:33:15


Show Notes

Hello Shareable community! It’s hot this week in Philadelphia, and this episode is even hotter. It’s the first episode recorded in our new podcast studio! Woo! And if you caught us on Facebook Live, then you know who’s on this week! It’s Bart Mroz! If you missed it, don’t worry you can hear the whole episode right here and if you’d like to get the full picture watch us on Facebook. Bart Mroz is a long-time friend of Jeff’s. He’s the co-founder and CEO of SUMO Heavy, a digital commerce consulting and strategy firm. Bart is a serial entrepreneur, the founding partner of multiple consulting companies, and a thought leader who has been published in top eCommerce publications including Internet Retailer and AdExchanger. In this episode, Bart and Jeff dive right into technology and how it’s advanced their lives and careers. Bart shares why having a bad boss was one of his most valuable lessons, and how his grandma influenced the way he treats his employees at SUMO Heavy. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode. And shoutout to Alex Hillman for coining the acronym that everyone needs to internalize, “JFDI.” THX, Alex.

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