July 10, 2017


#40: The Lifestyle Millionaire | Lindsay Adamson

Hosted by

Jeff Gibbard
#40: The Lifestyle Millionaire | Lindsay Adamson
Shareable Podcast
#40: The Lifestyle Millionaire | Lindsay Adamson

Jul 10 2017 | 00:42:12


Show Notes

This week we’re bringing you a bonus episode as a teaser before the release of Shareable Season 2. Lindsay Adamson, speaker, life coach, and author of The Six Steps for Turning Your Passion into Profit is Jeff’s guest today. Jeff and Lindsay explore her approach to success; her journey from corporate to ex-pat to entrepreneur; and her compulsion for helping others achieve success. They dive deep into how she built her business. Lindsay debunks some common misconceptions about starting your online business. Spoiler! *It’s not easy* AND *It’s not for everyone* They get into beginners’ mistakes and don’t forget about technology! They talk about disconnecting and its affect on your productivity, creativity, and overall success. And Lindsay stuck around to answer a brand new round of rapid fire questions! We hope you enjoy this bonus episode and are patiently awaiting the return of Season 2.

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