August 21, 2017


#41: The Power of Humanity at Work | Patty Azzarello

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Jeff Gibbard
#41: The Power of Humanity at Work | Patty Azzarello
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#41: The Power of Humanity at Work | Patty Azzarello

Aug 21 2017 | 01:02:42


Show Notes

Shareable listeners Season 2 is finally here! This is the first episode of our Deep Dives series, where we’re exploring several aspects of business with experts leading the way. And to kick us off, we have Patty Azzarello on the show! Patty Azzarello is an executive, best-selling author, speaker, CEO/Business Advisor, and founder of Azzarello Group. With over twenty five years of experience working in high tech and business, she’s held leadership roles in management, marketing, software product development, and sales. She’s a rockstar. We were really excited to have her on the show; especially, Caroline after hearing her TED Talk about Reclaiming Humanity in the Workplace at TEDxAsburyPark. On this episode, Jeff, Caroline, and Patty get into similar territory: humanity, the workplace, narcissistic assholes and bad bosses, and how to motivate your employees. If you’re someone who wants to learn how to be a better leader at any stage in your career, we definitely recommend listing to this one. You might even want to take notes or check out the ones below!

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