October 04, 2017


#49: Step Up to The Sale | Bruce Morrow

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Jeff Gibbard
#49: Step Up to The Sale | Bruce Morrow
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#49: Step Up to The Sale | Bruce Morrow

Oct 04 2017 | 00:41:34


Show Notes

Shareable listers! It’s sales week! And today, we have Jeff’s own business coach Bruce Morrow on the show! Former salesperson turned coach. Bruce has plenty of experience selling, and now his job is to share that experience with business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales professionals as one of the coaches behind My Food Chain. In this episode, Bruce cracks down on every aspect of sales: prospecting, pitching, and sealing the deal. Bruce is known for being a passionate coach and entrepreneur, so if you’re looking for quality insight and advice, listen up.

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