October 10, 2017


#51: The Decision Makeover | Mike Whitaker

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Jeff Gibbard
#51: The Decision Makeover | Mike Whitaker
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#51: The Decision Makeover | Mike Whitaker

Oct 10 2017 | 00:46:48


Show Notes

Hello Shareable listeners, sales week has ended. We had a lot of fun talking with our amazing guests, and we hope you found those episodes insightful and inspiring. And now we’re switching gears to something that transcends sales and really business overall. We’re talking about something that all of can stand to learn more about: decision making. Here to teach us how to make better decisions and start designing our lives is Mike Whitaker. Mike is an expert on personal and professional decision-making, turnarounds, and strategic planning. He is a no-nonsense entrepreneur, technology CEO, and speaker on the subject. For anyone who’s struggling with a decision, looking to make more thoughtful ones, or just ready to take control of their next move, this is the episode for you. And be sure to check out the show notes below for a step-by-step breakdown of Mike’s process. Enjoy!

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