October 30, 2017


#55: How to Become the New Boss | Naphtali Hoff

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Jeff Gibbard
#55: How to Become the New Boss | Naphtali Hoff
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#55: How to Become the New Boss | Naphtali Hoff

Oct 30 2017 | 00:33:21


Show Notes

Hello there listeners, we have a new episode for you this week with special guest Naphtali Hoff! Jeff was unable to join us for this episode, so for this episode Caroline stepped in because the podcast must go on. Our guest today is an executive coach who works with leaders to increase their capacity to lead and improve their team’s effectiveness. He speaks and coaches hundreds of executives and leaders each year on how to increase productivity and engagement. He even wrote a book about it. Naphtali is going to walk us through his coaching process for new leaders or team members who are transitioning into leadership roles. He shares plenty of gems about what you need to know to lead before you even walk in the door, how to get people to trust you and your vision, and how you can tell when you’re making progress. Even if you’re not new to leadership, it never hurts to refresh yourself. So leaders of all kinds, this episode is for you. Enjoy.

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