December 12, 2018


#73: Rethinking Consent and Respect | Mike Domitrz

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Jeff Gibbard
#73: Rethinking Consent and Respect | Mike Domitrz
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#73: Rethinking Consent and Respect | Mike Domitrz

Dec 12 2018 | 00:35:12


Show Notes

Shareable listeners! This week, we’re discussing one of the most pressing issues of our time: respect and consent. In the era of the #MeToo, a new dialogue is being formed in society. We’re talking with our guest, Mike Domitrz, who sheds light on these two huge domains that are necessary for healthy relationships and for society as a whole. Mike is an award winning author and publisher, educator, ally, expert, and speaker. He works to dramatically improve society’s approach to dating and consent, by giving people the tools to have the necessary conversations. Mike is sharing his incredible insight on the topic: that we all play a role in shaping society. He probes us to think deeply about our own personal experiences, and how we all hold perceptions of consent, intimacy, and respect…at home, in the work place, everywhere. We are honored to have one of the leading voices on this topic share his passions and expertise. Take a listen below!

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