March 13, 2019


#81: Career Shifts and Aerial Inverts | Jane Wilson

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Jeff Gibbard
#81: Career Shifts and Aerial Inverts | Jane Wilson
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#81: Career Shifts and Aerial Inverts | Jane Wilson

Mar 13 2019 | 00:31:11


Show Notes

This week we’re sitting down with Jane Wilson, and wow is she giving us some amazing insights. All too often, we forget how powerful our individuality is. It can feel like we don’t have a unique voice, especially in today’s world. Jane reminds us of the power in our potential. She is an expert in helping women to feel strong, empowered and confident. She is the founder of PoleFit Nation – a pole dancing for fitness company. She is the creator of Reclaim Your Spark Podcast, as well as a two-time Canadian Masters Pole Fitness Champion and two-time nominee for Oakville Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and 2017. She’s in the process of writing a book- sharing everything she has learned about feeling confident, sexy and strong based on the past 10 years of owning a pole dancing studio and teaching over 11,000 people. Jane shares with us how you can use our personal story and experiences to build your business and your authentic self. Jane’s story and experiences remind us that we all have something to share and the time to share is now. This week, we are reminded to show up for ourselves through all of life’s ups and downs,and maybe, just maybe be ok with not having it all figured out. It was a pleasure to sit down with Jane; do yourself a favor and take a listen below!

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