April 24, 2019


#90: Fit Your Marketing Plan on a Single Page | Allan Dib

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Jeff Gibbard
#90: Fit Your Marketing Plan on a Single Page | Allan Dib
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#90: Fit Your Marketing Plan on a Single Page | Allan Dib

Apr 24 2019 | 00:59:40


Show Notes


This week we are sitting down with Allan Dib, serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer and technology expert. We’re talking all things marketing strategy…how can an efficient strategy in one page or less that encapsulates every necessity for our businesses? Allan speaks on his book, The One-Page Marketing Plan, which of course is the book he wishes he had at the time he was building his business. He walks us through all the stages of his marketing process, from effectively selecting your target market to crafting the most authentic message possible. Allan clearly outlines how to create the best experience possible for our clients, using the “human-to-human” principle, no matter what your strategy is. Further, we are going beyond what many marketing strategists look past, the idea of finding the optimal customer. It can be easy, especially when our businesses are just starting off, to take any client we can get. However, if it is not a fitting relationship for our business and personal values, it will be unfulfilling at best and inauthentic at worst. Allan shares how to keep our true visions in mind regarding this topic and many others as we grow our businesses. Take a listen, you won’t regret it!


Running time: 59:40

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What’s one book everyone should read?

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

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Masters of Scale

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Most Important Skill of the Future

Knowing how to market your business

If You Could Have One Superpower


One Thing Everyone Should Do Today

Create a marketing plan for your business; don’t leave it to chance!




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