February 28, 2023


Brains @ Work with Sarah Ohanesian | Ep225

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Jeff Gibbard
Brains @ Work with Sarah Ohanesian | Ep225
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Brains @ Work with Sarah Ohanesian | Ep225

Feb 28 2023 | 00:45:19


Show Notes

About Sarah Ohanesian

Sarah Ohanesian is a productivity coach.

For the record, her name is pronounced “O-han-e-san,” but she will respond to anything that starts with “O”.

If you need to get more done, Sarah is who you should turn to. She is a CMO turned Productivity Coach who knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed but also what it’s like to feel accomplished, fulfilled, and joyful every day. Her goal is to get you from burnout to loving what you do.

The Shareables

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Learn more to recognize and see opportunity. There’s cool stuff brewing, and it’s good to be available for that.

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