February 07, 2023


Trust and the People Formula with Robin Dreeke | Ep219

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Jeff Gibbard
Trust and the People Formula with Robin Dreeke | Ep219
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Trust and the People Formula with Robin Dreeke | Ep219

Feb 07 2023 | 00:54:35


Show Notes

About Robin Dreeke

FORGE TRUST, SOLVE CHALLENGES, LEAD Robin is a Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Executive Mentor, Podcast Host, Marine Corps Officer, and retired FBI Special Agent / Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. Robin has taken his life’s work of Recruiting Spies, Leading Marines, and Behavioral Assessment and created his unique Interpersonal Communication Strategies for Success. Since 2010, Robin has been working with corporations, entrepreneurs, military, and law enforcement in their pursuit of Forging Trust, Solving Challenges, and Leading. Whether it is newly promoted leaders, executives, sales teams, or customer relations, Robin has crafted his People Formula for quick measurable results and maximum success.

The Shareables

What is something you have read that you would recommend? The list is long. But I believe a great book for all to read and reflect on is Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl. Check out the Self-Mastery Reading List.

What is something you have listened to that you would recommend? A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle on Audible.

What is something you have watched that you would recommend? Earnest Shackleton’s story of attempting to cross Antartica in 1915.

What is something interesting you have learned that you want to share? The dichotomy of power vs. leadership and how most of our trauma at a young age frames it for us. The languare / four keys to communication to shift the focus from us to others.

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