April 30, 2018


Where Did Shareable Go? Here’s The Answer.

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Jeff Gibbard
Where Did Shareable Go? Here’s The Answer.
Shareable Podcast
Where Did Shareable Go? Here’s The Answer.

Apr 30 2018 | 00:07:59


Show Notes

Hey everyone, we’ve been gone a little while. Probably too long. We’ve had a lot of things going on and booking guests and publishing episodes have fallen behind. Part of the reason is that we lost our studio when we moved in the new office after our company was acquired. So, our studio is a tiny room with one microphone right now. The other reason is that after the merger, both Caroline and I got very busy moving into our new roles. Don’t Worry We’re still committed to this show, we’ve just fallen behind. We have 4 episodes in the queue that just need some light edits, and a post with show notes for each. We also have 3 new episodes for our upcoming season. We’ve changed the format into, what we think will be, our final form. We’ll be back soon. My hope is to get our episodes out starting next week, and then get on a consistent publishing schedule following that. Thanks for the support. We appreciate you. -Jeff and Caroline

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